Tailor-made programs to help students receive the best possible education, enhancing their motivation to succeed.

Tikvah Program

The Tikvah Program, Shlavim’s flagship program, currently assists low achieving children in dozens of schools across the country who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. This program addresses the needs of these children in a holistic manner. The program introduces the concept of a professional team made up of various members of the school staff who identify those pupils with some combination of learning, social and emotional issues who are in need of intensive assistance.

Professional Development Program

Shlavim’s Professional Development Program was created to inspire school principals and provide them with the tools they need to become better leaders. Our program helps principals develop and implement a vision for their schools and fosters better communication and cooperation among principals, teachers, parents and pupils. As a result of their participation, principals gain the competence to enhance the professionalism of the school’s entire educational staff.

Kishurim Program

Shlavim, already a partner in the Haredi education system, sees this as a window of opportunity to implement our research-based Kishurim Program. In each participating school, beginning in sixth grade, the classroom teacher, the principal and the school counselor begin to identify students who have the ability and desire to pursue studies in a track leading to high school matriculation. The school counselor is responsible for working with these students and their parents and gauging their level of interest.